2 PCS Reusable Filter Dust Face Mask Replacement Inner Pad Holder

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1. Material: polypropylene + silver ion antibacterial cloth
2. Fit to the face, support masks, effectively isolate germs and viruses
3. Reusable to extend the life of the mask
4. Easy installation
5. Suitable for many styles of masks
6. Size: 11x9x5cm

Steps for cleaning the mask holder:
1. Overall cleaning: gently remove the sponge wrapped on the bracket, first wash the bracket inside with running water, and then clean the sponge with soap
2. Rinse with boiling water: Rinse the sponge and bracket after washing with boiling water or soak for 10 minutes.
3. Disinfect all: wipe and dry the brackets and sponges with moisture, disinfect them with alcohol, put them in the vents to dry, and continue to use the next day


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