30 LED Wireless Color Security CCTV Camera + Receiver(Silver)

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1) Visitor Identifying, Home Security, Moving Detection, Entry Detection, Baby and Patient Tending.

2) Wireless transmission and reception.

3) Send and Receive pictures through walls with high resolution.

4) Small and Light Weight.

5) Lower Power Consumption.

6) High Sensitivity.

7) Easy 1-Minute Installation.

8) Easy to Operate.

9) Audio and video recording.


1) Frequency: 1.2G

2) Resolution: 380TV Lines

3) Linear Transmission Distance: 50M (20 metres through obstacles)

4) Weatherproof: Yes

5) Minimum Illumination: 0 LUX

6) Infra Red LEDs: 30, Camera Lens: 6mm

7) Night Vision Range: 15 metres (Total Darkness)

8) Viewing Angle: 56 degrees

9) Camera Size: 40mm Diameter (better than 45mm)

10) Image pickup device: 1/4" Image Sensors

11) Effective Pixel: PAL : 628 X 582

12) TV system: PAL / CCIR

13) Transmission Signal: Video

14) Output Power: 50mW


1) Twist the receive antenna into the receiver

2) Connect the receiver to the monitor (TV, Video, PC) with AV cable

3) Plug the DC 12V 500mA adaptor into the power jack of the receiver

4) Insert the second DC 9V 500mA adaptor or the 9V Battery (not included) via the leads into the power jack of camera

5) Adjust the frequency controller on the receiver to the required position

6) Adjust the lens of the camera to the best position, then mount the camera.


Κατόπιν παραγγελίας (7-15 εργάσιμες ημέρες)

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