Dot Gloves of touch screen for iPhone 5, iPhone 4 & 4S, iPhone 3G/3GS, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry(Black)

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* Detailed Product Description:

1) Warm your hands in winter

2) Special conduction material

3) Dot glove for iPhone

4) New Product

5) For all touch screen device

* Dot Glove for iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, New Generation

** Winter is coming, have you got the gloves ready? But even though the gloves are warm, it's sad for the touch doesn't work with glove on your finger!

** Touch screen works when the mobile measure the change of the capacitance

to feel the touch operation, it is quite different when you wear gloves compare with naked finger, but don't worry about it, this dot glove solve this problem completely~~

** At the top the thumb, forefinger there are special conduction material, no matter it is just click, or multi-spot touch and control, it all work well.


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