Hardcover Edition 532nm Green Beam Laser Pointer, Max Output: 4mw, Adjustable Focal Length with Li-ion Battery Charger

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1) Extremely bright 532nm Green Beam Laser Pointer

2) Max Output Power: 4mw

3) 1.1 mm beam diameter at source

4) Momentary push button switch

5) Material: Aircraft aluminum

6) Constant wave output (as opposed to pulse output)

7) Takes 1 x 18650 Li-ion batteries and 1 x Li-ion battery charger (battery not included)

8) Single-point laser range: 5000-10000m

9) Size: 35 x 160mm

10) Can be used for Remote indication, indicating the atmosphere manufacturing class (disco cool to play, create the atmosphere, teaching directing, conference report indicates, Architecture Exhibition control instructions, and refer to the best star pen


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