OXINETER C2 0.96 inch Finger Clip Oximeter Pulse Monitoring Home Pulse & Heart Rate Instrument with OLED Display(Black)

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1. Yellow and blue dual color 0.96 inch OLED display
2. The interface can have six different display modes
3. Low battery indicator
4. With blood oxygen, pulse, bar graph, pulse waveform display
5. There is an operation menu for easy function setting, with a buzzer sound, which can be set to open or close
6. When there is no signal, the product will automatically shut down after no less than 8S to save power
7. Small mass, light volume, easy to carry when going out
8. Two colors of black and blue can be selected
9. Product size: 55x32x28mm
10. Net weight: 32.6g
11. Power supply: 2x3A battery (not shipped with)


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