T9 Portable Adjustable USB Charging Desktop Humidifying Fan with 3 Speed Control (Blue)

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1. Size: 94*90*157mm
2. Weight: 290g
3. Material: ABS+PP+silica gel
4. Input voltage: DC5V
5. Usage power: 2W
6. Working current: 800 mA
7. Water bottle capacity: 400 mL
8. spray volume: 35mL/H
9. Use time: about 5 hours for first gear, 3 hours for second gear and 1.5 hours for third gear.
10. Adjustable angle of supply air, and fold the fan when no fan is used.
11. The brushless DC motor with low noise, strong power, fast heat dissipation and longer life is adopted. It has low speed, stable speed and wider speed range.
12. Using standard USB charging line, it can be charged by mobile power supply, adapter or computer.
13. Good quality and durability


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