TPU + PC Material Bumper Frame with Keys for iPhone 4 & 4S(Orange)

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1) Fashionable and High Quality Silicone and Plastic Assembly Bumper for iPhone 4.

2) Slim, form-fit design.

3) Manufactured using premium silicone and plastic material with metal buttons.

4) His Bumper is different from others. It's hard plastic in the middle, and soft around it.

5) Made of durable silicone and plastic, the two-tone iPhone 4 Bumper fits snugly around the edges of your iPhone and gives it a splash of color. It's a fun and unique way to personalize your iPhone 4.

6) Keep your cell phone safe and protected in style with this Bumper for iPhone 4.

7) It delivers instant all around protection for your phone from scratches.

8) iPhone 4 bumper provides excellent protection for daily use, and performs buffer function.

9) Conveniently to access and remove.


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