Waterproof Dummy CCTV Camera With Flashing LED For Realistic Looking for Security Alarm(black)

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1.Material: ABS
2.Colour: Black
3.Camera size: 130 * 66 * 65mm (L * W * H)
4.Stent height: 100mm
5.Stand base: 50x58mm
6.Bracket arm movement: fully adjustable (0-90 tilt down, 0-360 L / R rotation)
7.Camera activation: continuous
8.On / Off mode: Remove / install the battery
9.Power supply: 2pcs 1.5V,AAA battery (Not Included)
10.Battery life: Normally 3-6 months
Product use and function:
It can be very effective to install one or several simulation monitors in shopping malls, hotels, car parks, offices, warehouses, warehouses, markets, park venues, residential areas, or some conspicuous location Earthquake deterrence and deter thieves or criminals, so that they can not close! With the real monitor with the use, that is effective and can greatly reduce the cost of security!
1.With Red LED Flashing Design,very realistic design,enough to scare the thief ,greatly enhance security.
2.With Cable Design,this is an illusion that the thieves think the Cable is connected to the house and that's a real camera,In fact, it is just a simulation camera
3.Rotatable Bracket ,Tighten or loosen,Installation is free to adjust the camera angle, easy to install
4.With Rain cover Design,waterproof material to prevent rainwater get inside ,Suit for Outdoor, Realistic appearance


Κατόπιν παραγγελίας (7-15 εργάσιμες ημέρες)

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