67mm Colorful Starlight Brushed Radiant Camera Lens Filter

Κατόπιν παραγγελίας (7-15 εργάσιμες ημέρες)
(με ΦΠΑ)
Ποσοτικές εκπτώσεις:
Ποσότητα 5+ 10+ 30+ 50+ 100+
Τιμή 25.96 25.40 24.56 23.72 22.33
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  • Δωρεάν Αποστολή άνω των 80€


1. Make your photos unique without using any effects and Photoshop;
2. The glass prism creates a cool refraction effect in the photo, which can produce some interesting effects on scenes such as characters, landscapes, and night scenes
3. Adopt high-quality optical glass material with high clarity and transparency
4. A wide range of application scenarios to help you take more unexpected photos
5. Material: glass + metal
6. Different focal lengths have different effects
7. Bayonet diameter: 49mm, 58mm, 67mm, 77mm, 82mm
8. Suitable for all filter diameters of 49mm, 58mm, 67mm, 77mm, 82mm lenses, other sizes need to be used with an adapter ring

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